Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 20

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Now, our question.

Recently in Michigan, a woman entered a bank, brandished a bag she claimed contained a bomb and made off with some cash.  This bank robber was subsequently caught.  She was taken into custody along with her bag.  The contents of the bag where examined.  There was something in the bag, but it was not a bomb.

What was in the bag?

Dang, I heard about this but can't
 remember what was in the bag.
  It was something edible, I think.

Hostmaster:  close, but not close enough.

A squirrel?

Hostmaster:  incorrect.
I remember now!
It was a jar of spaghetti sauce.
Hostmaster:  correct.  However, you went out of turn.  Therefore, I declare no winner.
Spaghetti sauce in a jar is full of fat and salt.  
She was robbing a bank
 for crying out loud.
  If she was hungry for spaghetti,
 you'd think her plan would be to use some
 of the stolen money and go to a nice
 restaurant- not to drink bottled sauce. 
 A cautionary tale!  Stay off the sauce!
We end this round with a groaner.
   No.  Make that a lemento!

I've got a sudden hankering
 for spaghetti.  Mangia! 
Round 20
Fluffy/Molly  9
Bryan/Cyndi  9


  1. There's a first: armed with spaghetti sauce.

  2. What a lovely little story. I had no idea you could make so much money with spaghetti sauce ;-)

  3. oops, I eat spaghetti sauce out of a jar, but I love it. It's the bomb!