Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fun Vocabulary Word!

kyoodle  (kahy-ood-l)
to bark or yelp noisily or foolishly; yap

It wasn't me.  It was the squash.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 72

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  It's that time of year for scary movies.  One of this year's recently released Halloween movies is a remake of Pet Sematary.

Here's the Pet Sematary movie trailer.  Our question.  Why did they do this movie?

 Due to an appalling lack of imagination.

Hostmaster:  correct.

This is reminiscent of that pathetic Psycho remake
twenty years ago.  They practically did the whole movie over frame by frame.
  Bryan is right.  Can't these creative people come up with a new idea?

Wait.  Pet Cemetery?  I don't like the sound of that.

Horror movies are toxic entertainment.

Toxic like Erin Brockovich and Silkwood?

No.  Those are important movies that raise awareness.

I'm aware that I don't know what you guys are talking about.

Molly, it's for the best that you are not a movie buff. 
 Believe me, you wouldn't like the Pet Semetary 
movie regardless of which version. 

OK.  I'll just sit here and think about something else.
  Squirrels maybe...

Horror movies are toxic because they make 
believe fear is fun.  
This encourages violence.

Poppycock.  Scary movies are simply escapism entertainment.
  We don't decide to hurt someone because we're scared
 by ghosts or psycho killers on a movie screen.

Yes we do!
Look at all the violence in the world!

 I got proof that what you say is utter nonsense. 

I don't believe you.

Oh yeah?  Notice that you
 have yet to be harmed.  

You two still living together?

I watched the three Omen movies the other day.  
She freaked out.  You'd think Satan popped 
out of the TV and slipped into her closet. 

Let's pack this round in and go see a movie.  
Jamie Lee Curtis is back in Halloween 
and is hell-bent on killing what's his name.

Round 72
Fluff/Molly      35
Bryan/Cyndi    34

Saturday, October 20, 2018

There's Dog Hair in the Bird Seeds!

Sharing your home with dogs and birds is great fun, until it's time to vacuum.  Trouble is, it becomes time to vacuum a lot. 

Surely it is a fact that there has never been a house bird of any kind that didn't fling seeds on the floor.  Anyway, birds don't wear bibs.  That's a fact.

It may or may not be a fact that a dog running from a vacuum cleaner stirs the dog hair from the carpet into the air thus reducing the amount of hair the vacuum is able to pick up.

A few weeks ago the Oreck upright that has valiantly done years of hard labor here at the Bad Dog Ranch sucked it's last.

An old Rainbow that has been on the bench awaiting just such an event was brought into active duty.  (For those who don't know about Rainbows, instead of a bag, the dirt goes into a container filled with water.  This water container is housed in a R2-D2 shaped unit on wheels.  The nozzle that you push on the floor is attached to the unit by a hose.  It works fine but is cumbersome to use.  This is why it was relegated to back-up.)

Alas, the veteran Rainbow was not up to the task.  The rolling brush thing was paralyzed by Lily the Great Pyrenees hair causing the belt to snap.  Of course the belt didn't break immediately after the roller stopped rolling.  It got there gradually while smelling like a burning tire.

The search was on for a replacement.  Clearly, vacuum technology/vacuum marketing has responded to the needs of customers seeking to remove hair and seeds from their dwellings.  There are a whole bunch of vacuums with the words PET in their names.  STRONG SUCTION is another popular selling point, as is DOG HAIR.

Such a dizzying array of options... Bissel, Kenmore, Hoover, Kirby...  After narrowing it down to three that were pretty much the same by way of desired features, the Dirt Devil Razor Pet Steerable Bagless Upright won out.  Why?  One of the reviewers remarked that this vacuum did a wonderful job on the hair of a Great Pyrenees and the seeds of a cantankerous parrot.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Look! Squirrel!

It is a curious thing.  When we left suburbia and settled here at the rural homestead, we noticed that there weren't a whole lot of squirrels around.

Sure, there was an occasional sighting but nothing approaching the volume of activity we'd observed at the old house.

Fours years in, here at the homestead, squirrel sightings have increased significantly.

Did they follow us here?

Saturday, September 22, 2018


How is it that this happy confident gal suddenly became afraid of thunder?

It is a real head scratcher.  After all, Lily is accustomed to booming sounds.  Here at the homestead we hear large gravel trucks thunder down the road at regular intervals.  We also hear assorted gunfire pretty much every day.

These things never did, nor do they now, disturb this three year old beast.  Why then, has the sound of thunder rumbling in the sky suddenly become a concern to her?

Did she have a bad dream involving thunder and calamity?

Oh.  Wait.  That's not an example of calamity- only photographer incompetence.

Lily's best friend, Clover offers no answers.  She remains unconcerned about thunder.  On the other hand, Clover's reliability is in question.  See, Clover has developed some quirks of her own.  For example, one minute she might be lying on the living room floor looking as restful as one can possibly look, then she'll leap up and run down the hall and into her crate.  She'll remain there for anywhere from two to 20 minutes before she returns to the living room as if nothing happened.

Lily's housemate, Henry has no answers either.  Of course, he's always been so self absorbed that it is highly unlikely that he would have even noticed Lily's angst, let alone have formulated a theory explaining the reason for it.

What's to be done about this fresh problem?

  We'll think of something.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Overly Verdure

The people who lived on this property before we moved here planted many trees and shrubs of various types both deciduous and evergreen.  Bless their hearts.

Trees, give me trees, lots of trees, fence me in with trees..

When placing young plants it is vitally important to consider how big they will be when full grown.  Failure in this area becomes especially noticeable when greenery is planted near the house.

When you look out the window to this view, you know it's time to do something about it.

Happily, Captain Sawzall is on hand to tame the overly verdure.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 71

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Our question involves an recent nighttime incident at a fancy Colorado hotel.

A trespasser entered the lobby.  Who or what was this trespasser?

Scary clown sightings 
have started up again?

Hostmaster:  incorrect.

Somebody drove a truck
through the front window?

Hostmaster:  incorrect.


Hostmaster:  incorrect.

A guest at the hotel was

Hostmaster:  incorrect.

Was it a wild boar?

Hostmaster:  close.  It was a wild animal.

Perhaps it was a different sort of
wild bore.  PETA?

Hostmaster: incorrect.  I can't bear anymore!

A bear?

Hostmaster:  correct.

That's not fair!  You gave 
her a hint!

 I decide what's fair, honey.
 This round is over.
See footage of the trespasser here.

Round 71
Fluffy/Molly   35
Bryan/Cyndi    33