Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 54

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy. 

Maine resident Phelan Moonsong is giddy because he was allowed to have his Driver's License photo taken featuring something special to him. 
What is it?

His dog?

Hostmaster:  incorrect.

A feathered headdress?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.

A fright wig?

Hostmaster:  incorrect.  Here's a hint.  He's a pagan priest.
A floral head wreath?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.
A suit made of pine boughs?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.

A black robe?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.
He's naked?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.
A goat skin?
Hostmaster:  close.
Goat horns?

Hostmaster:  correct.  You see, according to pagan priest Moonsong, his goat horns are to him as a habit is to a nun.  He wears them all the time except when he is bathing or sleeping.  The horns are his "spiritual antennae" and wearing the horns around helps him teach others about paganism.

Wouldn't it be easier to wear one of those
 lapel ribbons?

He's representing his deeply held
beliefs.  Would you tell a
Catholic priest to wear a
lapel ribbon?


The man has plastic horns stuck
 to his forehead. Are you seriously
comparing that to a priest's collar?

All religions are equal.
Hostmaster:  the Maine Secretary of State apparently ok'd the horns because they don't obscure his
 face in the photo.  
What do pagans believe
 and where do goats fit in?


The Satan statues put up in Detroit
and the Oklahoma Capital
building have goat horns.

It doesn't matter.  It's
his religion.

Let's keep our eyes
peeled for guys wearing
goat horns, then we can get
 our awareness raised first hand.


So ends another round of Pop Culture Frenzy.
Want to see Moonsong's horns? 
Click here now!
Round 54
Fluffy/Molly  22
Bryan/Cyndi   21

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Fluffy and George on Christmas

Let us all rejoice in the Lord,                          Today true peace
for our Savior has been born                           has come down to
in the world.                                                     us from heaven.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Woe is Lois

Getting older is no picnic.  Lois is finding that out.  Some of you may recall her knee problems of a few years ago.

An arthritic knee does not improve with time.  Lois' is no exception.  On top of that, other joints have joined the pain parade.

Playing ball is not the joy it once was.  

(To the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.)
 Lois, the pretty sheepdog
 is very sweet good girl.
 And if you ever saw her,
 you would know that is for sure.
 All of the other doggies
like to run around and play
booboo knees don't let poor Lois,
join in any doggie games.

The most difficult thing of all for Lois these days is getting up from a prone position.  The herculean effort required to bend painful uncooperative joints into position to propel the hind end upward has resulted in, well, some embarrassing incidents.  Sometimes a turd pops out from all that effort.  Sometimes some urine oozes out too.


Consequently, a severe haircut on the latter side of Lois has been necessary.  You forget how bow legged sheepdogs are till they are wet- or trimmed.  Photos of Lois's bow legged look are not available.  We offer this youthful bob instead.

Ah yes, a time not so long ago, when we both had younger joints.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Some months ago, The Daily Puppy made a monumentally foolish decision.  You see, they don't offer a daily picture of a puppy anymore.  They have reinvented themselves.  Now called Cuteness, they offer helpful information.  What had been a delightful daily email has morphed into preschool level edification.  For example.  How do you know if your dog is happy?  Answer:  his tail is wagging.  Worst of all, the photos accompanying the verbiage are just not my idea of quality cuteness- too many people are featured. 

Naturally, I have unsubscribed the Cuteness emails.  Meanwhile, dog pictures are not difficult to come by here at the Bad Dog Ranch.  Come to think of it, we got the inane remarks covered too.  To wit, look at this!  Clover gets a bit chilly when the temperature hits single digits.  Turns out, she looks good in red.

Lily, on the other hand, is completely comfortable without a coat.   

Then there's Henry.  You might say his job is Cuteness.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 53

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Our question today involves the 1944 song, Baby, It's Cold Outside.

  For those who wish to review the lyrics, Steve and Eydie are on hand.

Hostmaster:  there have been demands that this song be rewritten.  Why?

It's about date rape.
Hostmaster:  correct.  A couple from Minnesota say that the whole "what's in this drink"  left "a bad taste in their mouth" and the song doesn't let you know if she got away from the guy after saying no.  They seek closure and empowerment and to raise awareness about consent and urge everybody to volunteer at sexual assault shelters.
That sounds all very socially concerned
 but according to the lyrics, she says,
 "I really should go.  I ought to say no."
  That's flirting. 

I'm confused.  Did hooking up go out of style?
That's not flirting.  She said no! 
 He said don't hurt my pride.
He also said he would be filled with life
long sorrow if he let her out into the blizzard
 and she caught pneumonia and died.
See?  It's all about him!
  He gave her the date rape drug!

She asked what's in this drink so
you declare it's the date rape drug?!
Did they even have the date rape drug back then?
Hostmaster:  so, Cyndi.  How should they rewrite the song?
She says no and he lets her leave.
If that had happened Steve and Eydie
would never had gotten married!
 Steve and Eydie didn't say no,
so they had to get married.
 A cautionary tale!
Hostmaster:  so, Cyndi.  He lets her leave in a snow storm?  Does the song go on to explain if she got home ok?
Outside, alone, at night,
 she was raped by
a group of refugees.

Darn cultural differences!

Wait.  I know what happened.  He wouldn't let
 her leave so she kicked him in the shorts and
  left him writhing on the floor where he
 died three days later of gangrene. 
Did she go to prison?
No.  She ended up homeless,
 sleeping in a washing machine box
 under an overpass selling her body for drugs.
She should have taken the date rape drug.    

One more time.

Round 53
Fluffy/Molly  21
Bryan/Cyndi   21