Friday, March 1, 2013

Anatomy of an Ad

One morning a few days ago, as I stood on the gray sidewalk rubbing my left hip, an idea emerged. 

Businesses advertise.  Naturally, Dog Walkers advertise too.  While it is true that many of my clients came to me by referral, many too came to me via advertising.  What drew them in? 

My years of experience?  That Pet First Aid certification?

While my own dog stood beside me in the fading darkness of the early morning, I gazed at the ice on which I'd just slipped.  "I really ought to carry a cymbal for such events,"  I told Lois. 

As Lois stood silently waiting for me to finish rubbing my backside, it occurred to me that even though we were tethered together by a leash, when I fell down, Lois did not.  Did I land on my left side because I willed it so?  Was I protecting the dog at the end of the leash in my left hand by falling toward her?  Had I fallen away from her, the leash would have propelled her down with me.  Thanks to the slack in the leash, Lois stayed on her feet while I landed on my derriere.  The same thing occurred a few years ago when I fell down while walking a client dog named Lucy.  I landed on my left buttocks while Lucy remained safely on all four feet.  It happened another time when I was walking a client dog named Hank.  And another time while walking a client dog named Luca.  And there was that time with a client dog named Dakota.

Is this pattern a unique selling point that could be utilized to increase my business? 

How might I use this in my advertising? 

Hire me as your Dog walker and I promise to keep my pratfalls to myself? 
Rest assured, no dogs are harmed during dog walker spills? 
I'll fall all over myself to keep your dog safe?

Is there a slogan somewhere in this slippery affair?


  1. All good lines, Lynn! But I think I like the third one best. Simple and to the point. You're a klutz, but no dogs are harmed in the making of your accidents.

  2. I think you have something here with your anecdotes. I think it will just take a little refinement to phrase it best because after all, the best advertisements are the simplest ones, something people can remember easily. By the way, I love that sketch of the sheep dog!!

  3. I love what Norma wrote. Yesterday you should have seen me walking my brother's dog and Fiona at the same time. It wasn't easy and I can't believe I survived.

  4. Hope you didn't get hurt too bad.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. I'm not sure how you could work that into a business setting.... though I do like that sheepdog sketch particularly!