Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fluffy and the Flute Player

Is that what it appears to be?
I have heard troubling stories.  It seems that a dog once lived in that dog house.  He used to stand on top of it, much like this cat does, and  play a violin.  Apparently there was a skirmish, a disagreement, a fight, between the cat and the dog.  What happened is unclear.  Maybe the cat dislikes the violin or Bach.  It seems the dog played a lot of JS Bach.  As you no doubt noticed, the cat is playing Claude Bolling.  Anyway, neither the dog nor his violin have been seen in quite some time. The stories don't all agree except for one element.  All who speak of this mention the words:  CAT GUT. 


  1. Funny, off course. Cats....I love my doggies.

    Hugs and chocolate,