Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Breed Profile: Collie

Farmers in Scotland used dogs to herd sheep.  They were called Colley Dogs.  Both the rough coated Collie and the smooth coated Collie are thought to have come from these Colley Dogs.  Most farmers used the smooth coated Collie as drovers and the rough coated Collie to stay with the flock, their coat allowed them comfort on the job in all sorts of weather.
Around 1860 Queen Victoria took a liking to Collies and the breed became popular among the upper classes.
Meanwhile in America, there was sheep herding going on.  Collies were brought to the states and put to work.  Soon their delightful personalities as pets and companions and baby sitters gained attention.

Some Collie Facts
- life span:  8-12 years
-  height at shoulder:  22-26 inches
-  weight:  50-75 pounds
-  two coat versions: Rough - soft undercoat, straight, harsh, long outer coat, and Smooth - soft undercoat, short and flat outer coat
-  coat colors:  tri color (white, black, tan),  fawn, cream, gold, sable with white, and blue merle (originally called tortoise shell)
 Collies are not only accomplished at herding, they have also racked up success in the show ring, obedience, acting in movies, delivering messages in wartime and as trustworthy family members. 
Like most breeds originally bred to do a job, it is important to offer a Collie regular exercise to keep him from getting antsy. 
The Collie is friendly with most everybody but is also discerning.  In other words, you may be fooled by a con man, but your Collie won't be. 
Collies are gentle and patient, making them terrific with children and baby ducks.
Collie Manifesto
-  yes, Lassie was a goody goody.  You got a problem with that?
-  I love kids and other dogs and birds and cats and people and sheep and cows and horses and assorted other critters I haven't met yet.  I love to round them up.
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  1. We had a collie when I was a kid, one of two dogs. She was a beautiful, very gentle dog.

  2. They look like nice dogs that actually follow directions--something I'm not familiar with.