Thursday, December 15, 2016


Some months ago, The Daily Puppy made a monumentally foolish decision.  You see, they don't offer a daily picture of a puppy anymore.  They have reinvented themselves.  Now called Cuteness, they offer helpful information.  What had been a delightful daily email has morphed into preschool level edification.  For example.  How do you know if your dog is happy?  Answer:  his tail is wagging.  Worst of all, the photos accompanying the verbiage are just not my idea of quality cuteness- too many people are featured. 

Naturally, I have unsubscribed the Cuteness emails.  Meanwhile, dog pictures are not difficult to come by here at the Bad Dog Ranch.  Come to think of it, we got the inane remarks covered too.  To wit, look at this!  Clover gets a bit chilly when the temperature hits single digits.  Turns out, she looks good in red.

Lily, on the other hand, is completely comfortable without a coat.   

Then there's Henry.  You might say his job is Cuteness.


  1. If his job is cuteness, he's a huge success!

  2. Great photos !
    Lily has gotten so much bigger, Or for me she has.
    The last photo is so darling, Henry has got the cuteness down pat.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Oh you had me at cuteness and I agree, he looks awesome with or without the red sweater. (I remember that site and unsubscribed a long time ago)

  4. I get my daily dose of cuteness from Beanie and Hair Ball.