Friday, October 31, 2014

Just Wondering

Why no interest in the in-between?

Henry at seven and a half months still retains some puppy (i.e. bad) behavior.  For example, he has built up his muscles to the point that he can jump on the bed.  That by itself is not a problem.  The problem is what he does when he's up there on the bed.

He turns down the covers, pulls out the pillows and roughs them up.  No, he isn't thoughtfully fluffing the pillows up for the comfort of his beloved master.  He rolls on the pillows- in an improper and impolite manner.

There's more.  Henry removes dirty clothes from the laundry hamper and picks out the socks.  No, he isn't thoughtfully separating the laundry into darks and lights, hot and cold loads.  He carries a sock into the living room and mouths it- in a very inappropriate way.

Yes, yes.  He's just a youngster, lots to learn.  Thus, Henry receives and will continue to receive regular instruction on proper etiquette.

Still, doesn't it make you wonder?  Why the focus on dirty stuff that has the scent of head and dirty stuff that has the scent of foot?

                            Why nothing in-between? 



  1. Sounds like typical toddler behavior to me!

    He's still totally adorable and seems to know it....

  2. I was wondering what he looked like with a few months of growth.
    What a CutiePatooti !
    The Square Ones consider anything on the floor theirs. When son divides his laundry they nestle in for a nap. It is usually whites and sheets. Don't know why.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Love the taste of foot. The smell of head is for rolling in like turtle poo.

  4. Roll on me dog and I'll slap you across the room.

  5. Take the socks, not my toy. You little ingrate.

  6. Nobody likes you, Henry.

  7. Henry, you do realize you're far too cute?

  8. At least he isn't digging out dirty underwear!! lol