Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 29

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.

 Recently, at some mall in Vermont,  an LLBean store held a grand opening.  There was an unscripted floor show.

What happened?

A brouhaha occurred when
 the complementary Apple Cider ran out?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.
A squirrel crashed the party and
terrorized the guests?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.
Some people concerned
about animal rights staged
a peaceful protest.  The
hate filled hunters wearing LLBean
clothes violently removed them.
Hostmaster: they removed their clothes?
Maybe all the
fitting rooms were
in use.
No!  Come  on!
Isn't it just good hunter etiquette to remove
 your camo when inside a building?
Come on, you guys. 
You know what I mean.
They removed the peaceful
Hostmaster:  incorrect.  You know, Cyndi.  You've come up with some wild answers but this one takes the cake.  Or should I say birdshot.
Here's what happened at the LLBean shindig.  An owl grabbed a hawk and held on for quite some time.  Eventually, the hawk shrieked.  Then, alert members of the staff separated the two birds.
It seems that a business called Talons puts raptors on leashes and brings them to various places for various events so people can stare at them.  Reassuringly, a "master falconer" from the Talons Company tells us: gee, this European Eagle Owl has known this Harris Hawk for six years and have done lots of  gigs together with no problems.  Well golly, adds this expert.  They are predators.  
No winners here.
The score remains.
Fluffy/Molly  14
Bryan/Cyndi   10


  1. Squirrels are naughty and Molly was onto something. I'm a Molly fan.

  2. I would have gone with the squirrel option too.

  3. I love Molly and I like that the Squirrel is usually the right answer !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Hostmaster makes the rules and serves only his own pleasure. Thus, Molly's popularity holds no sway for HM to change an answer to something other than the answer.

    BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — The grand opening of an L.L. Bean store in Vermont has ruffled some feathers, with an owl attacking a hawk in a shopping mall display.

    Officials say a European eagle owl attacked a Harris's hawk Friday in Burlington's Town Center Mall.

    The Burlington Free Press reports witnesses said the owl squeezed the hawk in its claws for several minutes, causing the hawk to shriek.

    Workers at the mall display for the Freeport, Maine-based outdoors outfitter separated the birds.

    full story here: