Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Grampa, I've Hit the Big Time!

When I was a kid, my grandparents moved from the suburbs to a house on a few acres.  They got themselves a riding lawn mower to handle the grass.  I thought it was very fun to ride that lawn mower.  My grandfather let me mow the lawn.

The years rolled on.  Soon, I had my own home and lawn.  I used a push mower to handle the grass.  Nice and quiet.  Powered by my own sweat.

More years roll on.  Now my "lawn" is several acres.  I still use that push mower around the edges of the house, garage, fence and so on.  The rest of the grass requires something more than an open cylinder with revolving knife blades powered by my measly sweat.

  Enter:  the Lawn Tractor.  Grampa's riding lawn mower was a Tonka Toy in comparison!

Thanks Grampa.   My time on your mower helped prepare me for this milestone.  I'm moving up a cut.


  1. If I had that much lawn.. Lawn Mower it is.
    I have land but I live in the desert and I leave it wild for the animals.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. In the city, a push mower's fine, but once you start looking at an acre and up, something bigger is required. I quite approve of the look of the hound!

  3. I look smashing! Absolutely Fabulous!

  4. Dang Redneck dog. Figures.