Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 28

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Let's get on with it.

Penn State is all agog.   No, not more tawdry locker room goings-on.  A junior at Penn along with a sidekick have themselves a sort of circus act.  They're getting more likes on Facebook than the Penn State mascot.  She has even been interviewed on the hard hitting "news" source, NPR.

What and with whom is she doing to garner all this attention?

She started a Nerd Walking Service?  You know,
like a dog walking service but with nerds.

That's so insensitive and hateful.
Hostmaster:  oh boy.  Incorrect, Fluffy.
She's raising awareness of Women's Rights
by wearing a dress made of
sanitary napkins?
Hostmaster:  eww. 
With tampon earrings to complete the ensemble!
Hostmaster:  Yes, the benefits of higher education include time to sit around, get high and watch MSNBC.  Geez, I almost hope this student is high.
Incorrect, Cyndi.
I know about this because I
 try to keep up on squirrel news.
Sneezy the Penn State Squirrel
wears hats and holds things.
 This student takes his picture
adds a caption, and posts it online.
The student claims the squirrel does
it all willingly for food.
Hostmaster:  correct.
What sort of captions?
Stuff like, "We're Ready to go Back
to School!" with a picture of
the squirrel holding a pencil.  
Hostmaster:  higher education takes another hit. Give the squirrel some lines from Candide?  Nah.  Hand him a pencil.  Clever rated to preschool level.
They're selling stuff too.
There's a picture of the squirrel
next to a little toy store
wearing a straw hat with flowers
on it.  The whole thing is
undignified even for
a squirrel, it seems to me.
Well, if you want to see this freak show, be sure to visit FB soon!
This squirrel won't be around much longer.
It's only a matter of time before he dashes into the road for a
potato chip and is run down by a garbage truck
or fails to see the shadow of an approaching
 raptor because the brim of a stupid
 hat is blocking his view.
So ends another round.
I hear squirrel is tasty.  I'll bet Molly has some recipes.
You bet I do! 
Fluffy, you brought your car, right?
  Let's get some lunch!

Let's not
 brake for lunch.
I'll bring the chips!
Round 28
Fluffy/Molly  14
Bryan/Cyndi   10


  1. I would have gone with Fluffy's answer....

    1. I like Fluffy's answer too. Trouble is, a Nerd Walking Service isn't what's happening at Penn State. A squirrel wearing hats is what's happening at Penn State.

      Warning! Repeated viewing of squirrels wearing hats may cause vomiting, irrational outbursts, disorientation, hysteria and loss of mental acuity.

  2. I would have gone with Fluffy's answer, too. I can picture a nerd walking service!

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