Monday, September 15, 2014


 We're here!  Moved in!

 Check out this view from the kitchen window.

Meanwhile, the boxes full of our stuff are lined up in rows with aisles in between.  This arrangement works well in the big garage but in the little living room, it's grand, as long as you don't mind walking sideways to move from one side of the room to the other.

Mabel refuses to let a few boxes disturb her serenity. 
Alas, not all of us are as serene as Mabel.  Where is my favorite paring knife?  Why the bleep wasn't it in the box with the other knives?!
Ah, here's the hammer.  Now, where the **** are the hanger thingies for the pictures?  I was so sure I'd packed them with the stud finder.   The stud finder is beeping merrily.  It is clearly a buffet of studs around here.
See, some ninny painted all the walls white.  Some other ninny probably told them it would help sell the place.  White walls are neutral.
It's OK.  A few pictures will perk up these walls.  Let's hang some pictures now! 
Still haven't found the picture hanger thingies.
With the lack of something appropriate to pound, it could get ugly around here.  Perhaps it would be best if I stopped carrying the hammer around the house.

Henry helpfully points out how a colorful rug can brighten a drab hallway.  

Sure, it's easy for you to be easy going, dogs, you aren't still looking for your favorite paring knife. 

And the picture hanger thingies. 

Maybe the thing to do is to go outside......


  1. I hate moving...but it looks like you've got a pretty terrific new home!

    Henry is still adorable!

  2. Unpacking is always going to be a bear. The dogs seem to take it all in stride!

  3. hahahahahaha and that is just the way it feels !
    Ok first .... get the kitchen done
    pet and walk the pups
    Second the bedroom
    pet and play with the pups
    Then comes the living room.
    pet and walk the pups
    Pictures last.
    while walking the pups in that fabulous yard !

    cheers, parsnip