Friday, March 7, 2014

More about Rose

According to the chart on the wall of the exam room, Rose is about 81 in people years.

Why were we at the vet, you ask?

  Rose was due for her Rabies vaccination.  Also the city where we live is hankering for twenty dollars to renew the dog license  (it used to be 10 dollars.  I'm old school math, so I recognize that as a 100% increase).

A dog must have a rabies vaccination to get the dog license.  It's the law.

Worried that another vaccination might kill the elderly Rose, I actually considered lying to the city.  I figured I'd tell the city Rose was dead.  They'd take her out of their computer.  Then Rose could live out her days protected by the antibodies that remain in her bloodstream from all those previous vaccinations.  She would die of something else, maintaining her record of not posing a public threat to anyone or anything.

I couldn't go through with it.  The lie, I mean.  The Vet says that the rabies vaccination contains dead bugs so it is easier for the body to handle than vaccines that contain live bugs.

The doctor examines Rose.  Her heart is strong.  Her pupils do not dilate with vigor but she can, at least presumably, see.  Somewhat.

 Yes.  That's what I think too.  Sometimes you have to call to her, stomp on the floor or nudge Rose and sort of steer her in the direction you think she needs to go.  

Ultimately, it doesn't matter if Rose can see or not.  She knows her way around the house.  We won't change the furniture arrangement.  And we will be there to guide her when Rose must venture away from home.

Rose is thinner than she used to be.  Many elderly mammals are thus.  Her appetite is less enthusiastic.

We offer Rose a greater variety of foods now to try to entice her to eat.  We place the food in assorted bowls and plates, some elevated, some on the floor.  This way Rose can bend and eat or sit and eat- whatever is more comfortable for her creaky bones.

Rose got the shot yesterday.  She seems fine today.  I'll head over to City Hall this afternoon and give them $20 for the privilege to keep her.   


  1. She's a beautiful dog, even in her advanced years. And she knows she's loved.

  2. Beautiful Rosie !
    Sweet gud dug !
    My Watson is like that, at 15 almost 16 he is getting very old with more grey and white in his brindled coat. When I moved here 8 years ago I just never got around to the license I keep their shots up to date. Watson is deaf and has valley fever and in kidney failure while thehamish is 10 diabetic and even with two eye operations is still going blind in one eye. They stay in the house and small fenced yard and go for walks once a day.
    Since I moved from another state I had to prove through their old records that they were up to date, sometimes the city makes it so hard. Then they both got really sick after the move I just forgot.
    Oh well....
    Love your yard photos with Rosie.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. It seems like she could be exempt from a vaccine that could potentially kill her. But then, the city does want their money, no matter what.

  4. Sir Poops is very skinny, too. He eats twice a day and gets two treats. He's thirteen and has gotten very slow and seems to do his business only for me. He refuses to eat or anything else for my hubby.

    Sir Poops 13 times 7. That makes him 91. Know what you mean about the rabies shot.