Sunday, March 16, 2014

Breed Profile: German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepard Dog was originally used as a herder.  This dog's work ethic was so impressive, soon the GSD was offered other jobs.

Ever indomitable, the intelligent, strong, energetic GSD continues to tackle all and sundry responsibilities asked of him.

The list of GSD accomplishments/abilities is long.  Here are a few: police dog, therapy dog, search and rescue, narcotics detection, explosive detection, guide dog, war dog, dock diving, lure coursing, show dog, companion, professor of anthropology (just kidding).

GSD are serious dogs, highly motivated for meaningful activity.  They are extremely loyal and protective of their families, suspicious of strangers, smart, confident, a bit bossy, not inclined to tolerate clowns.

Some German Shepherd Dog Facts

-  also known as:  Alsatian, German Shepherd, Shepherd Dog

-  life span:  10-12 years

-  average age of maturity:  1.5 years

-  height at shoulder:  22-26 inches

-  weight:  60-95 pounds

-  double coat, colors:  black and tan, black, white, black and silver, black and cream, black and red

German Shepherd Manifesto
-  yes, I shed.  Everyday. Deal with it.
-  another dog is unnecessary.  You have me.
-  give me something to do.  Otherwise I will find something to do.  I'll start with reorganizing the kitchen cupboards, redecorating the bathroom, herding the neighborhood children, disconnecting the cable...


  1. Hair Ball finds things to do as well.

  2. My son and daughter-in-law train Belgian Shepherds, also known as Malinois. They have a similar look to the German Shepherds and they do make excellent protection dogs. Their best are always recruited by police from other states. They are getting ready to have another litter.

    Beautiful dogs, I agree!

  3. My mom bred German shepherds for show. She was in competition for several years and had a lot of trophies and ribbons. Though she loved all dogs, they were always her favorite.

  4. I've always liked the breed. They're magnificent hounds.

  5. Beautiful but kind of big and scary, to me anyway.

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