Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 18

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Since actual Pop Culture often bores me, our question is shall we say, anthropological.  Well, it serves nicely anthropological in our weird little anthropomorphic world.  Anyway, I find it mildly interesting, and our contestants might too- not that that matters to me, of course.

Now, our question.  Why do dogs walk in circles before they lay down?

To flatten a spot in the grass- it's
 an innate response..

Hostmaster:  that's a popular theory which I deem incorrect.

They're twerking!
Sigh.  Our pop culture hiatus
 lasted all of 5 seconds.
Hostmaster:  Too true, Bryan.  That is incorrect, Cyndi.
To smush down or fluff up the area
  to make it more comfortable to sleep on.
Hostmaster:  sounds reasonable but is incorrect.
You're a bird, how do you know how a dog
 gets comfortable, for crying out loud!
Hostmaster:  don't get snippy with me, sister.  I don't have to know.  I'm running this show.  What I say goes.  Now, back to it.
They turn in a circle to check
 for danger on all sides. 
Hostmaster:  very sensible.  Incorrect.
Preferring to sleep with their
nose to the wind, they circle
 to determine wind direction.
Hostmaster:  interesting.  Incorrect.
They turn around to orient
themselves to curl up to sleep.
Hostmaster:  that is an intelligent answer.  I'm proud of you Cyndi.  Still, I say it's incorrect.
They do it to dig a hole.  A hole is cooler when
 the weather is hot and warmer when it's cold. 
Hostmaster: makes sense but incorrect.
Why don't you just admit that you
 don't know the answer!  Such adaptive behaviors
might remain in a species indefinitely
 and begin from a source we can never determine.
 This isn't something that can be studied to produce hard data.
  It's all theory.  

Hostmaster:  correct.
So ends this round of Pop Culture Frenzy.

Round 18
Fluffy/Molly   8
Bryan/Cyndi   9