Saturday, October 5, 2013

Breed Profile: Border Collie

Sometime during the 1800's, in the area between Scotland and England, they say a sheepdog named Hemp sired the first litter of what would become the Border Collie breed.

Unlike other sheepdogs who move a herd with barking or nipping, the Border Collie "gives eye".  Through the power of staring, the dog intimidates the sheep into moving.

In addition to the eye, the Border Collie has another distinctive feature:  the crouch.  The dog moves low to the ground in somewhat cartoon sneaking up fashion.  The crouch and the stare and the work ethic of the Border Collie make him very good at his job.

The Border Collie of today maintains that serious work ethic.  Thus, he is still used to herd animals.  For those who don't have any sheep or ducks to herd, the Border Collie's talents translate elsewhere, such as flyball, Frisbee, agility and obedience competitions.

Failure to give a Border Collie plenty to keep his athleticism and intelligence challenged may result in him taking matters into his own hands, so to speak.  He might decide to rearrange the furniture in the living room including moving around the stuffing from the couch cushions.  He might figure out how to open a kitchen cupboard and help himself to a box of mac and cheese.  Worse case, he may take up a neurotic repetitive past time such as pulling all the hair off his tail or pacing till he wears a groove into the floor.

Some Border Collie Facts

-  weight:  42-52 pounds

-  height:  18-22 inches

-  life span:  12-15 years

- coat:  double, yearly shedding.  Brushing a couple times a week keeps the coat in good shape

- coat colors:  pretty much all colors, solid, bi color, tricolor, merle

Border Collie Manifesto

if you want a blithe extrovert, get a Golden Retriever

-  if you need some critters moved or a ball caught, I'm always ready.  Now.


  1. My dog Scamp was part Border Collie. Love them!

  2. I can't even imagine having an obedient dog. LOL

  3. Hi Lynn, thanks for your kind comments and support on my little Japan adventure. So, now back at home thought I stop by and see what you are up to, and what do I find? The cutest dog profile. That collie would definitely stare me into petting it, or adopting a collie if that was the case.
    What a wonderful photo.