Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Not all Dog Walkers are the Same

Obviously.  Not all dog walkers are the same.  Not all grocery store clerks are the same either.  Nor are all plumbers or accountants.

Now, what brought on this tirade, you ask? 

Dogs are always on my mind.
Halloween is coming.
An old customer rehired me to walk her dog.

All this brought to mind something that happened a few weeks ago.
I was shopping at my local Farmer's Market, as I do on most Saturday mornings during the growing season.  From across the cavernous room I heard a voice, "hey Lynn!"  There, on the other side of the building, stood my hairdresser. I made my way over there and learned that that morning she was standing in for her sister who sells grape leaves and hummus and other delicious things at the Farmer's Market. (I must confess, I'd never noticed that booth before - probably because I'm always focused on lettuce and whatever berry is in season.)  After we exchanged greetings, my hairdresser turned to acknowledge a woman standing just behind her.  She said, "Poopsie is a dog walker too."  

I smiled at Poopsie and said hello.

Poopsie narrowed her eyes at me and said nothing. 

She then thrust a binder under our noses.  Poopsie pointed to photos displayed on the pages of the binder.  The photos featured dogs wearing reindeer antlers, clown outfits, stuffed pumpkin suits, pirate ensembles and assorted other clothing and accessories.

Poopsie squealed about the cuteness of it all.

My hairdresser and I muttered in unison, "poor dogs."

And now for an important announcement.

When hiring a dog walker, after you've checked references and compared rates and whatnot, please check the Cuteness Factor of that dog walker.   Therein lies a big clue regarding compatibility.

This message brought to by the management of Bad Dog Ranch.


  1. I resent the fact that humans adorn me with holiday costumes. Let me fetch a waterfowl that has been harvested, dammit.
    -Poospies' victim Lab

  2. Silly costumes are meant only for two legged people type animals, particularly if you don't like them!

  3. No creature should be made to wear a costume--except humans, who for some strange reason seem to enjoy it!

  4. Hair Ball begs to differ with all of you. Although, Sir Poops concurs.