Friday, July 26, 2013

Pop Culture Fenzy, Round 15

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Here's our question.

The redoubtable Justin Bieber got himself a new tattoo.  What is it? 

A crib sheet containing tips
on how to act like a man?
Hostmaster:  would that it were so.
What are you talking about?
  Justin Bieber is manly. 
Metro sexual is not manly.  
I'm Old School.
Hostmaster:  returning to the matter of Bieber's new tattoo. 
I think I heard this guy singing
 something about mistletoe. 
Could that be it? 
Hostmaster:  nope.  The tattoo is not mistletoe.
His momma?
Hostmaster:  close.
Whoa.  Actually, I was kidding.
 Because he looks like a momma's boy.
Hostmaster:  Yeah.  Anyway, the tattoo.
It's an eye.
  The watchful eye of his loving mother.
Hostmaster:  correct.
Where on his body is this watchful eye?
It's in the crook of his left arm.
That seems an odd placement.
I know enough about human anatomy to notice
 that the crook of an arm is not exactly the crow's nest. 
Think about it.  From Bieber's perspective,
when he gazes upon the
watchful eye, it gazes back
at him.
What a self absorbed freak.
Did he run out of mirrors?
He's running out of room for tattoos.
  This eyeball is said to be his sixteenth.
Round 15
Fluffy/Molly   7
Bryan/Cyndi   8


  1. Bieber's a brat trying to pass himself off as a man. His momma should ground him!

  2. Cute! How inspired. Now that got me thinking.

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. I'm with Norma. The little cretin's desperately trying to act as if he's a man, and it just fails miserably.

  4. I agree with Norma and Sir Wills.