Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Breed Profile: Schipperke

The Schipperke is a small sturdy spunky dog believed to have been developed in the 1600's in Flemish regions of Belgium.  Bred down in size from the Leauvenaar, a sheepdog, the Schipperke was used by tradesmen and river bargers as a ratter and watchdog.  Schip is the Flemish word for boat.

Some Schipperke Facts 
- weight:  10-16 pounds
-  height at shoulder:  10-13 inches
-  life span:  13-15 years
-  Also Known As:  Little Captain, Little Boatman, Belgian Barge Dog
-  harsh fairly short double coat, black, spitz style
-  many are born without tails, those born with a tail usually have it docked
Today's Schipperke likes to keep busy in his job as companion and is involved in all activities going on in the household.  An alert dog with a sharp bark and suspicious nature, the Schipperke is a very good watchdog.  
Schipperke Manifesto
-  I'm not willful.  I simply have everything under control
-  I am smarter than you but will not hold that against you
-  we'll get along fine, if you have a sense of humor


  1. What a cute little dog! I can't remember seeing one like these. So they must be quite a rare breed. Look like very fluffy companions and lively companions.

  2. I think my grandparents had one at some point when they were living in the Netherlands. I do remember the breed mentioned from time to time in family stories.

  3. He almost looks like a Sheltie and a Pomeranian...sort of.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. Wow, never knew about this dog. Thanks for the tidbit. And I like to think that ALL dogs are smarter than us cause all they know is love :)