Saturday, May 12, 2018

Robin vs his Doppelganger

It began innocently enough.  Mr. Robin sought a mate with which to nest.

The trouble began during that necessary part of the courtship process that involves chasing away romantic rivals.

Mr. Robin had the tools:  manly good looks, courage, persistence.   Somehow, it went wrong.

You know that game where you stand before a mirror and chant taunts to dare evil to come through?

Mr. Robin played that game.  He's spending the season battling his own reflection.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Robin has moved on to nest with a mate that isn't going the way of Narcissus.


  1. awwwww this is so sad.
    Poor Mr. Robin sad so sad

    1. Yes. So sad. I get bummed out every time I see a Robin...

  2. Mrs. Robin missed out on a real catch!

    1. Yep. Mrs. Robin ought to check out that rear view mirror and see what might have been.