Sunday, May 20, 2018

Of the Collective

Collective nouns, that is.  There are cool words to describe groups of critters.  You know, a herd of cattle, a hum of bumblebees, a bucket of pheasants, a kindle of kittens, a business of ferrets....

A crow considers participating in a murder.

This member of an army of frogs is on guard duty.

Here we have a small charm of finches.

A bunch of ants are called a colony, clump or swarm.  The correct term probably depends on the activity going on or type of ant being described. We know this for sure.  Ants of the magic marker variety are called a drawing of ants.

This squirrel is on time out from his scurry.

A gang of turkeys looking for trouble.  Such hoodlum turkeys are also known as a raft.

A term inspired by famous bad guy George Raft?

Ducks stand in a puddling.

A dole of doves sit on a rock.

This is not a knot of toads.

One walking stick short of a faggot.  (OK.  I made that one up.)


  1. My kind of post! Love it. Especially the drawing of ants. Lol

  2. The ducks just need one more and they can launch their world domination schemes.

    1. If they had thumbs, we'd already be under them.

  3. I love all the names of a group.
    So Happy to see my puffy head duck. He is so cute !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Yep. Some of those group names are a hoot! One thing is for sure. Puffy head duck is the most handsome drake EVER.

  4. My jaw dropped on that last one!

    1. Thank you. I thought it was amusing. Jaw dropping is a happy bonus!