Monday, April 23, 2018

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 67

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Let's get on with it.

Yesterday was Earth Day.  What is Earth Day?

Earth Day owes it's origin to Ira Einhorn.
He killed his girlfriend then put her body in a trunk.
Naturally, dangerous fluids leaked from her decaying body.
This raised awareness on the importance of disposing of girlfriends and 
other garbage in an environmentally friendly manner.

Hostmaster:  incorrect.

It's a hunting competition where
Dachshunds and short legged terriers
hunt critters in holes.

Hostmaster:  you're describing Earth Dogs not Earth Day.  Good effort though.

Earth Day is a global initiative
to educate people about the fragility
of our planet and how we must protect it.

Hostmaster:  that sounds official.  

Yes, the fragile earth rife with volcanoes spewing lava,
quakes that leave huge crevices, tidal waves that  burst onto the
shore and pulverize everything somehow survived 
billions of years without our help.

People are ruining the planet.

So they must be controlled, right?  

Yes.  Over population and landfills
and fossil fuels in the air and animals
going extinct and forests decimated.
This cannot be allowed.  So people
must be forced to recycle and not pollute
the air and everything.

People have been recycling things since
there were people.  Do you really believe
that such common sense solutions are not
 good enough?

Of course not.  Not enough people
 have common sense so laws
must be passed.

And grocery stores should refuse to
offer their customers plastic bags
 to save the jellyfish.

And customers must be forced to use
cloth bags that require washing.
Better to waste the jellyfish's water
than clog up a landfill!

This round has become a landfill. 
 Happy day after Earth Day everybody!  

Round 67
Fluffy/Molly  33
Bryan/Cyndi   31


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  3. Also my hubbie's birthday. But good guesses.