Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Garden Dreams

At this time of year I begin to get just a little antsy.  Thoughts of growing things start, well, growing.  It's too early to do anything about it.  That won't stop us from looking back, though.

These are the last of the tomatoes from last year's harvest.  It was November, frost was becoming a regular occurrence.  Thus, I picked all the fruit off the plants.  Most of them ripened on a plate inside the house. 

The Praying Mantis remained outside.


  1. Here in Tucson, we have tomates late in the year. One year I had tomates till the end of December.
    I love your photo of the tomatoes and Praying Mantis.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Yeah we had tomatoes into December also. My hubs loves growing them and picked a bunch of green ones. I was shocked at how they turned ripe like magic.

  3. I loved those when I was a kid (the praying mantis, I mean). I grew up on a farm, and they were everywhere!