Friday, January 27, 2017

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 56

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Something's happened, that has happened before, to the Norway salmon farm industry causing the price of salmon to go way up.

What happened?

A group of owls swooped
down and ate them?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.  Fun fact.  A group of owls is called a parliament.

What happened to the salmon?

Global warming.  Their environment
is too hot for them to survive.

This is a salmon farm.  Surely
the farmer controls the environment.

Hostmaster:  actually this salmon farm is not what most consider a farm.  It's a little netted area in the ocean where people are permitted to raise salmon.  The problem they are having is apparently due to overcrowding.

Back to our question.

Fish rustlers came along in a boat
 and took the salmon?

Hostmaster:  incorrect.  Here's another fun fact.  You'd think a group of salmon might be a school.  It's not.  Apparently a school is a generic group of  fish.  A group of salmon is called a salmon.

Our question.
  The overcrowding caused the
salmon to go berserk.
They broke into rival salmons.
The resulting gang, er, salmon
war wiped them out.

Hostmaster:  incorrect.

Sharks ate them?

What are these salmon farm nets made of?
  And what is a group of sharks called?
Hostmaster:  groups of sharks are called lots of things: gam, grind, pod, shiver...
 They should hire
guard dolphins
to protect the salmon!
I know this one!  A
group of dolphins is
a pod.
Hostmaster:  you guys are never going to get this round's question.  The answer is lice.

A group of lice is called...?

Hostmaster:  a flock.  Anyway.   The sea lice are abundant and they are chewing on the salmon.  Here's something for Cyndi.  A study suggests that man made climate change may have caused a raise in temperatures, helping the flocks of lice to thrive.

That figures.

Hostmaster:  the study also suggests that failure to dump pesticides on the lice in a timely manner caused the lice population to swell.

You OK, Cyndi?
Oh, give her a moment. 
She's throwing up.
Whoa, Cyndi.  I figured you
for someone who skips breakfast, 
or at most, eats one of those thimble
sized containers of yogurt.
Boy, was I wrong! 

It's too bad salmon
don't eat lice off of
each other like
baboons do.
Hostmaster:  they're thinking of putting in some smaller fish to eat the lice.
Hope there's room in the crowded
salmon net farm for a school!
You know, Hostmaster.
This was not a Pop Culture
Hostmaster:  very astute, puke breath.  Looks like you forgot whose in charge here.  The sponsors named the show but I run it.  And in case you forgot, I'm not amiable to anything remotely resembling criticism.  If you are unhappy here, I'm sure Bryan can find an able partner to replace you.
Uh, Hostmaster?
Last week after that second accidental
kitchen fire, my owners surrendered
me to a pound.  Cyndi adopted me.
Hostmaster:  it would be rude to laugh here, wouldn't it?
I'll meet you in the
parking lot!

So ends this round.
Here's an article about the flock
 of lice attacking the salmon of salmon,
 the study that made Cyndi vomit
 is contained therein.
Round  56
Fluffy/Molly   23
Bryan/Cyndi    21


  1. Ha! Surely, seas have lice and snakes and who knows what else! (A group of snakes, by the way, is called a den, pit or nest.) I wonder if sea lice and land lice have different group names...

  2. Bryan, I will adopt you if you do not mind living in a desert.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. We learn something new every day!

    I did know about the den of snakes. Saw it in a Facebook post about a Texas family who found a rattlesnake in their toilet--and the rest of the den under their house.