Monday, January 9, 2017

A Glowing Anniversary

To celebrate our anniversary, The Handsome One and I usually buy something nifty just for us.  Past purchases include a digital camera, a couch and a Don't Tread on Me flag.  This year, we bought a super duper flashlight.

You see, those scrawny flashlights that serve just fine indoors are of no use to illuminate the woods surrounding the homestead. So we got this fantabulous LED flashlight with ergonomic pistol grip to handle the job.

Now Lily has some gleaming back up.  Those ugly accusations of her being all bark at the dark, will see the light of day, so to speak.  Now, what-the-heck-she-is-barking-at will be on full brilliant display.  Yes, if something is lurking, it will be in our spot light.

What is glowing out there?  It's the little oak!

Lily has prepared a statement.

I wasn't barking at the oak tree, for crying out loud.  Tell you what.  I'll keep barking.  You keep waving your fancy flashlight around.  Together, maybe we can dispel the darkness surrounding us.  Don't let my life's work be in vain.  I'm counting on your collaboration here.

OK Lily.  We got the power of brightness and aren't afraid to use it.  Check out this wall mounted holster!  Team Effulgent is ever at the ready. 

Besides the young oak tree, what have we gleamed upon so far, you ask?

Well, the awesome flashlight has illuminated a couple of deer, and an assorted bunch of nothing. One night though, there was something skulking under a pine tree near the duck house.  With trepidation, I cocked and aimed the super flashlight expecting to behold the evil visage of my nemesis, The Fisher.

It was only a opossum.  A benign presence.  This time...

Next time may be of a different light...


  1. Lily's senses are still better than the big light!

  2. Happy Anniversary and be weary of possum, my sister saw one strangle her pet duck and as I recall you have ducks. The big light should help scare them away!

    1. Thanks Eve! Happily, my ducks are locked securely in their house during those dark hours when the opossum searches for victims to strangle.

  3. Poor Lily. She's just trying to be a good guard dog!

    That is a nifty flashlight!

    1. Yes, Lily's job is made harder by those she guards. LOL

  4. Beautiful Lily.
    All I will say is motion activated camera !
    I am getting one.
    I love lily.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. My neighbor has one of those motion activated cameras. There're pretty cool. Takes the drama out of manually whipping out the spot light though. LOL

      Lily is indeed beautiful and a good girl!

  5. All cool, but maybe next anniversary Lilly might like a head-mounted dog flashlight, too.