Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Breed Profile: Pomeranian

Like most members of the Toy Group, the Pomeranian is small and considered a companion.  He is however, outgoing, vivacious, reasonably intelligent, curious and bold, thus qualified for other pursuits such as therapy, obediance competitions and whatnot.

Pomeranians get along well with other dogs and cats but some give in to the impulse to chase small critters.  This tendency allows for some Poms to make good ratters. 

Not a mouse, just a chunk from a rotted tree stump.
  Still, this Pomeranian chased it, caught it and captured it.

Some Pomeranian Facts

-  lifespan:  12-15 years
-  weight:  3-7 pounds
-  height:  8-11 inches at shoulder
-  double coat: undercoat is soft and dense, outer coat is straight with a harsh texture
-  coat colors:  just about any color and any pattern, such as blue, black, red, brindle, cream, orange, shaded (variations on a color or colors), sable (three or more colors)...

Our in-house model features a black and white coat pattern. 

Bred down to smallness from sled dogs sometime in the 1800's, presumably in the region in Germany/Poland called Pomerania, the Pomeranian has the same body type as a Spitz:  prick ears, high set tail that lies flat on the back, thick coat, medium boned, sturdy, compact.

The personality of the Pom is confidence bordering on cocky, fearless on the verge of reckless, commanding to the brink of bossy.

Pomeranian Manifesto

-  if you are not charmed by the ultimate swaggering small dog, you are not fit to live with a Pomeranian

-  you may think I am barking for no reason.  You would be wrong.  I am simply alert.  You're welcome.

-  don't let the rugged coat of my Nordic ancestors let you forget that I require the luxury of indoor living


  1. Alert? You only bark after I do! Full or yourself!

  2. That's full of yourself. Hard to type with all these claws.

  3. Toy, huh? Thought you were one when I first saw you.

  4. As if you need more to feed your little ego. Nobody likes you, Henry!

  5. Indoor model..... perfect
    anonymous is too funny

    cheers, parsnip

  6. I had a friend who had two Poms, both red. She called them Simba and Buttons. They were so well trained, she could let them out in her unfenced yard and the wouldn't go past the line onto the sidewalk.