Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Good Morning, Ms Frazzled

My first thought when I got out of bed that morning was that Lily was to be dropped off between 7:30 and 8 a.m. at the veterinarian to be spayed.  My tendency to worry was not in high gear.  Indeed,  I felt, well, OK.

The surgery instructions were no food after midnight.  I went outside with Lily when she did her business to be sure she didn't eat a clod of dirt or something .

For the next couple of hours,  I avoided all the dogs, with little success.  They kept staring at me, clearly not onboard with the whole not-eating-in-solidarity-with-Lily's-looming-surgery plan.

It was time to leave.  Lily and I got into the vehicle.  I wouldn't start.

Luckily, The Handsome One was off of work that day so he took us in his truck.

Inside the vet office, an old man was telling a bored looking doctor and receptionist that 16 pills is a lot of pills to take.  He glanced at me and added, "for a dog."  He maintained eye contact, so I answered, "yes.  Sixteen pills is a lot."

Lily weighed in at 68 pounds and we went into a room to do paperwork.  Lily seemed delighted to go with the nice vet tech.  Interestingly, I was not feeling terribly nervous about the whole major surgery thing.  In fact, I was encouraged that maybe, just maybe after a dozen or so spaying adventures, I was calming down about it.  Maybe this frazzle free style living could become a habit!

I had to walk past the old man to exit the building.  He was telling the doctor who looked about to cry and the receptionist who was violently filing her thumbnail about the time he forget to give his dog her 2 o'clock pill. 

Suddenly, he turned to me and said, "your hair looks good."

I thanked him and made for the door.

He added, "it looks like you French kissed a light socket."


"Seriously"  he said.  "It looks good."

I really thought I was doing OK.


  1. How old was he? Are we talking still young enough that you could have clobbered him one for the frazzled hair remark, or a centenarian with one foot in the grave?

    1. You know how some old men shrink and become frail and birdlike? This guy was on the cusp of that stage. Therefore, even without the superhuman strength born of stress, I could have snapped his spine over my knee.

      Of course, that would be wrong...

  2. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.
    Or he really liked your hair that day.
    Love your drawings today.
    Good luck to special Lily and the cone of shame.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks Parsnip. Twilight Zone indeed. The Cone of Shame has proved to be Lily's nemesis. Truly, Lily is, or so I thought, one of those dogs that is unfazed by most everything. Well, that was before she had to wear the Cone.

  3. French kissed a light socket? I've got to remember that one!

    How's Lily doing?

    1. French kissed a light socket... well, worth remembering for the Opaque Bizarre file anyway.

      Lily is doing well. Thanks for asking.