Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fluffy and George on Jack-o'-Lanterns


The U.S. Dept. of Energy
claims that jack-o'-lanterns
are contributing to global

Let me guess.
All those little candles
inside the pumpkins
burning at the same time
super heat the earth.
No. Pumpkins decaying in
landfills make methane which
is now considered more dangerous
than carbon dioxide.
So you can't compost them.
  Because of methane.
  Can't eat them.
Yep.  More dangerous
than greenhouse gas.
We seem to be painted
into a corner.
Good thing the
globe is round.


  1. Oh My Goodness !
    Nothing is good for us now. No Meat, fish, eggs, bread, sugar, pretend sugar
    and now pumpkins !

    cheers, parsnip
    I just love your drawings.

  2. Methane? The Audubon Society recommends letting birds eat the innards....

  3. Now I've heard it all. Cute post. Waiting for Fluffy to toot and the dog-walker to remind him about gas.

  4. A wonderful, happy surprise ending to this story; a round happy pumpkin! The jack-o-lanterns are worth a little stale air, I suppose. But what really bothers me is, every Christmas the way the stupid masses have to run out and grab up the most beautiful Christmas trees, only to discard them IMMEDIATELY after New Years day, so as not to look odd to their neighbors. Seeing them all piled up along the alleys around town, dying in the sun, really seems wrong to me.

  5. They're trying to sell us a load of kaka. They call it scientific proof. Sorry. But I don't buy their nonsense. I didn't fall off the garbage truck yesterday.

    Liked your cartoon by the way.