Friday, October 9, 2015

They Found Me

There are many things about living in suburbia that I do not miss.  For instance, the common occurrence whereby a car stuffed with people parks on the street. The people pile out.  After a brief huddle, they break into pairs and each pair heads off in a different direction.

That's right.  Jehovah Witnesses doing their thing.

Now that I am living rural, I figured the JW wouldn't bother bothering me anymore.

Not so.

Even though my house is some distance from the road, indeed, is barely visible from the road, still they came.  A car stuffed with people. 

I saw the car and went out to see who they were.  The car was pulling away.  A young man in the passenger seat told me they left me a pamphlet.

Sure enough.  There was a pamphlet on the back porch.  "Where can we find answers to life's big questions?" asks the pamphlet in bold letters.

On the next page, you are invited to visit the JW web site for the answers.  JW don't even bother to talk to us non JWs anymore.  They've got a website!  Must be quite the time saver.

The car stuffed full of JWs drove away before I could ask each one of them for their home address.

I was thinking of showing up uninvited at each of their homes and leaving a Rosary on their back porch.


  1. Oh, no...they've found their way onto the information superhighway!

    My dad once single-handedly drove all the JWs out of our neighborhood. They saw him, they ran!

  2. Cultist morons. Whatever respect I might have for religions does not extend to cults.

    I once got them at the door, told them I was a Satanist in the middle of a blood sacrifice. Those two bolted down the steps and up the street.

  3. Wait for me I will come too !
    When I was younger, they would always come once a month and bang not knock on our door. My Mum was polite but told them no and close the door.
    One day she was cooking dinner and the banging on the door started the same time the rice boiled over on the stove. The banging just kept going.
    She rushed to the door and pull it open and she hear a voice say
    " Jesus Saves"
    Mum said right back not missing a beat... " well he didn't save my dinner " and slammed the door.
    We were never bothered again.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. You live in a beautiful place. God has found you with or without those guys!

  5. I got me a 'No Solicitors' sign to go over my door and it really helped stop the hucksters, but the Jehovies and the Mormons knock anyway, telling me they aren't selling anything. Huh?