Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 33

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Today we visit an old topic.  Stonehenge.

You know, that grassy knoll in the UK with a bunch of really big rocks?  Some say it's a calendar, some a cemetery.  Some believe aliens placed the rocks there for some nefarious purpose.  Others suggest it's a Druid temple.  There is ever new speculation sprouting to explain these big rocks. 

What is the latest new theory?

It's a portico.  The roof is gone now, but
it was originally simply somebody's
 back yard patio?

Hostmaster:  incorrect.
It's a game left behind by
giants?  Like dominos?

Hostmaster:  incorrect. 
 This latest idea of what Stonehenge
was used for comes from a British historian,
and art critic who says since ancient Brits
always worshipped the sun and moon from
an elevated alter, then obviously the stones once
formed a complete circle upon which a wooden
 platform sat.  Other "experts" reject this
 theory saying there is no proof.  Some of these
 experts seem to be mostly annoyed that a
 guy who isn't an archeologist is offering up a theory.
This ought to be good for tourism, anyway.
You are so disrespectful.  These
ancient people have freedom of
religion too.  This could raise
awareness about tolerance for
moon worshippers.

Hostmaster:  oh boy.

I got a better idea. Let's use Piltdown Man
to raise awareness about
 scientists that cheat. 

That's not a bad idea!  Alert the
Global Warming Deniers!

Hostmaster:  so ends another round.
Round 33
Fluffy/Molly  15
Bryan/Cyndi   13


  1. hahahahahahaha, I love these Pop Frenzy.
    Love Molly, the best.
    I was at Stonehenge on a very gray, cold windy day and it was very inspiring. You feel something.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Bryan is very wise!

    I would love to visit Stonehenge.

  3. I agree with William on both counts. I would really love to see Stonehenge!

  4. I'm siding with Molly again. Probably a game. Why does everything always have to be about religion? LOL