Sunday, March 1, 2015

Breed Profile: Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is not originally from Labrador, but from Newfoundland.  His original job was to help fishermen pull their small boats into the harbor, drag fish nets out of the water, and to retrieve waterfowl.

 Not used so much by fisherman anymore, today's Labrador Retriever is employed as a hunter's helper,  a guide for the blind, assistant to the disabled, show dog, law enforcement, fly baller, search and rescue, agility, and game for most any activity involving his people.

The Lab is a cheerful, energetic, enthusiastic, amiable dog.  He is slow to mature, so owners must be ready to endure puppy style attitude well into the dog's second year.  Exuberance aside, given proper instruction, Labs tend to be patient and trustworthy around children and other pets.  Their keen desire to retrieve things can be channeled.  If it is not, prepare for the inevitable.  The dog will "retrieve" your slippers from the floor beside your bed before you step into them.  The dog will "retrieve" unidentifiable objects from the yard and bring them into the house.

This high energy dog needs exercise and activity to keep him from creating things to do such as chewing the sofa.  Speaking of chewing, Labs tend to be very mouthy.  Provide appropriate toys for them to chew and teach them what is and is not ok to put their in their mouth.  

The double coat of the Labrador Retriever comes in black, yellow and chocolate.  The outer coat is short, straight and dense, the under coat is soft and water resistant.  Yes.  Labs shed.  In abundance.

Lab Manifesto

- you've heard I'm easy to train.  That is true as long as you keep the treats coming and are willing to repeat yourself (and the treats)

- if you are looking for a mellow dog, get a Mastiff

- my otter shaped tail is a weapon that I don't mean to use but cannot help but use.  Please don't yell at me when my inherent joy causes my tail to sweep glasses off the coffee table, slap adults on the thigh or little kids in the face

- I like everybody so if you want a watch dog, get a suspicious character in here, like a terrier or a goose.

Some Lab Facts

Life span :  12-14 years
Height:  21.5 - 24 inches
Weight:  55-80 pounds 


  1. My cousin had a black lab who used to retrieve beer for him. The dog would open the fridge, get the beer and take it to him. As Fred got older, he went gray...and a little senile. The police would find him at bus stops, just waiting.

  2. Labrador are really very friendly dogs and it very easy to train them. My friend is a professional dog trainer and he says labrador is his favorite breed just because of his intelligence.