Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 27

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.   Superpowers are a popular topic lately. 

In order to maintain the pretense that we care about current prattle, today we'll each explain which superpower we would choose to possess if we had the chance.

I want to be able to read
minds.  Then I could tell
when I'm up against
the narrow minded.
Hostmaster: oh boy.
Molly, what superpower would you want?
I would like the agility of a squirrel.
Not just any squirrel, though. 
A flying squirrel.
Hostmaster:  How about you, Bryan?
I want superpower to write aphorisms. 
Hostmaster:  so you want to be a writer?
I want to be a gnomist.
Hostmaster:  you're dreaming with the super heroes, pal.

I don't need a superpower. 
God has that covered.
You know, Fluffy.
 It's narrow minded people like you
 who ruin it for everybody.

Hostmaster:  oh boy.
Who do you think won this round?
God, of course.
You, da gnomist! 


  1. Pardon moi Bryan but you like showing off don't you? Must be a terrier.

    1. True Eve. He's a terrier and not just any terrier. Bryan is an Airedale, the King of Terriers.

  2. I have the power to control larger animals with my cute stare!
    -Henry, the cute puppy

    1. Henry, speaking as one of the larger animals that live with you, I'm counting on that power fading as your cute puppiness fades.

    2. Think so! I am a working up a frenzied run and piss! And you can't stop me! Bwaahahahaaaaaa!

    3. Oh, yeah! Wait until you meet super drool, pissant!

  3. But it's pretty easy to see who's narrow minded without reading their minds. All they have to do is speak for more than five seconds.

    1. Alas, it isn't easy for minds such as Cyndi's, which is why she considers it a superpower.

      Dang. This must be one of those times....if I must explain a joke, it must not be as funny as I thought it was.