Friday, June 6, 2014

Sven Swoons

Not much singing going on these days, following a huge spike in Canary music.  Why?  Spring hormones and whatnot.

The boys sang.  The girl tweeted (tweet, as in a bird's vocalization, not some electronic gadget's recording of someone's every fleeting notion).


The hen decides which male she wants for a mate. 


Kimber seemed to prefer Sven.  When Sven was placed in the cage with her.  He fainted.


In spite of this, Kimber layed an egg and sat on it for nearly two weeks.  She and Sven shared the cage with the egg.  A couple of times, briefly, Sven was seen spreading his wings in a manly display.  Kimber hissed at him.

The egg was found broken at the bottom of the cage.  Sven was relocated to his own cage.  He grew light headed upon arrival but did not faint.



  1. My mom used to have a canary who looked like the first one.

  2. Your birds are so lovely.
    I used to have beautiful Finches and they where good friends. She laid lots of eggs but no babies ever hatched.
    I loved them. They were so sweet.

    cheers, parsnip