Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 23

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.

Today's question involves the twenty nine and a half foot tall statue of  Nelson Mandela.  He died on December 5, 2013 at the age of 95.  A statue to honor the first black president of South Africa was  unveiled in Pretoria on December 16th.

Not allowed to sign the statue on the bottom of a pant leg as they wished, the artists inserted a small object just inside one of the statue's ears.  What is the object?


A South African flag?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.
Australopicus nelsonmandelai?
  It's an ancient woodpecker
 scientists discovered a year or so ago and
named it after Mandela.
Hostmaster:  I didn't know that!  No, the thing in the statue's ear is not a woodpecker.
A squirrel?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.
A clenched fist?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.
A little statue of Winnie?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.
A rabbit?
Hostmaster:  correct.  It is a bronze rabbit with one floppy ear, roughly half the height of the statue's ear canal.  The artists said since they weren't allowed to sign the statue, they added the rabbit as a sort of trademark.  Haas, which means rabbit in Afrikaans, also means haste.  The artists were rushed by the South Africa Department of Arts and Culture to finish the statue.  
So ends this round. 
Round 23
Fluffy/Molly 11
Bryan/Cyndi  10
By the way, the Department
 of Arts and Culture
 wants the ear hare removed. 


  1. I didn't know that either. Cute post!

  2. I did know about the rabbit.

    I laughed at the Winnie answer!

  3. Ha, I'm sure my rabbit sat for that artist. She has this way of flopping one ear and keeping the other straight up, it looks like she is wearing a designer hat. Very pretty!