Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fluffy and George

Thanks for taking me to the dog park, Fluffy. 
It was a nice change of pace.                         
You're welcome,  George.

I didn't ask the dogs, to avoid embarrassment, should the reason be groomer related.  Why did some of the dogs have yellow ribbons on their leashes?


It's a "give the dog space" signal.  It's called The Yellow Dog Project and is going on in several countries. When you see a yellow ribbon you're not supposed to approach the dog because he is not amenable to being petted.  He may be "reactive" or nervous or elderly or what have you.  The yellow ribbon is like a warning.  It's supposed to teach people not to run willy-nilly up to a dog.

Wouldn't it make more sense to teach people to simply give all dogs some space?  After all, you humans don't run willy-nilly up to each other. Somehow that occurs without ribbons. Why make such a big deal out of dog/human encounters?

That makes too much sense.  Ribbons are big with people who say they want to raise awareness about something.  The ribbons draw attention to them. 

Yes. I see.


  1. Lynn, I wanted to let you know that your blog post will be featured in the paper tomorrow :-)

    1. I looked through every page of today's Oakland Press and my blog post is not there. Guess you were tugging my leash, Monica.

  2. Humans are silly creatures indeed, aren't they?

  3. Dog have much more sense than us humans.

    cheers, parsnip