Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 22

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Today's question is about Lena Dunham who writes and stars in "Girls", a show about some twenty something gals.  It airs on HBO.

It seems at a recent press meeting or writers' conference or something, that Ms Dunham attended, she was asked why she was naked so often on her show.  She said "being nude is a realistic expression of life" and the person who asked the question was just "not into her" and that was his problem.  Why the other characters on the show do not appear nude again and again was not fully explained due to the eruption of a "rage spiral" that evidently incapacitated some of the participants.  The discussion degenerated into name calling, nitpicking, and whining.

To win this round, explain all this to me.

The way he asked the question was
 just rude and totally offensive.

Hostmaster: how do you figure that? He asked, as a fellow writer, about her writing choices regarding nudity of her character as it applies to the story line, right?
Oh no.  He was sexist the way he said it.
  Obviously, he is a misogynist because
 he doesn't find Lena attractive.
No. No. No.
I have been stuck in a room while that show is on.
  To suggest that the story would not be genuine without nudity is nonsense.
  This Lena person is so into herself,
 she can't freaking help but whip off her clothes every chance she gets.
  When questioned on it, she refuses to acknowledge
 her own pathology.  Instead,
 she lashes out at a guy
 asking a simple question about her work.

You don't know what you're talking about.
  She is an artist.  She is soooo honest in how she portrays Hannah.
  That sexist writer guy is jealous and mean spirited
 to second guess her art.

Hostmaster:  oy. 
Is this Lena whatever the same bland doughy girl
 who gushed about her "first time" in the voting booth?
  She quite vulgarly implied that voting for Obama
was some sort of sexual experience.
  That she would go out of her way to get
 naked seems in character.

You are so lookist, Fluffy.  
Hostmaster:  "lookist"!  That's like being a bland-girl-phobe, right?!
You are such a hater. 
Hostmaster:  I hate to break it to you sweat pea, but this whole thing doesn't mean enough to me to expend effort hating it.
"Bland girl phobe" is a good thing.
  Look. This 'Girls' show is about a bunch
 of self absorbed people with a grossly exaggerated
 idea of their own importance and by extension
 a grossly exaggerated expectation that other people
 find them fascinating. 
That explains it.  This round is over.
Round 22
Fluffy/Molly  10
Bryan/Cyndi   10


  1. I can't even watch that show! I'm so sick of every stupid thing anyone does being justified as "art." Whatever happened to the good old days when something had to actually be good to be called art?

    Good observations!

  2. I don't know the show but I enjoy your blog entries :-)

  3. I agree with Norma. Sounds like a show I wouldn't watch. And Cindy, you really need a sense of humor.