Friday, June 7, 2013

Dog Bone of Contention

The dogs living in my house are designated "aggressive"  or "powerful" chewers by makers of dog bones.  These dog bone manufacturers offer toy bones that are "durable" and "virtually indestructible".  You buy these bones for your dog so they can enjoy a good aggressive chew without breaking off chucks of non durable bone material and ingesting it.  Something fun and safe for dog play.  That's the theory anyway. 

Yes.  Good safe fun.  That's the ticket!

Here we have a new durable virtually indestructible bone (top) lying beside a briefly used durable virtually indestructible bone (bottom).

That used bone looks pretty good, you may be thinking. 
Look closer.

 Notice how the bottom new bone is rounded at the edges, while the slightly used bone is sharp at the edges.

Like a shiv.

Look around my house.   Multiple dog bones. 

Multiple shivs. 

This used to be shaped like a turkey leg.

Aggressive chewer enjoying safe play with the shiv at the top of the stairs.

My perspective following a lively bit of fun and safe play with my aggressive chewer's shiv.  It occurs to me as I lie here:  you need a thumb to use a shiv properly, traditionally.
Looks like my dogs have taken their aggression to a new level.  They have expanded their power chewing beyond the chewing. 
It's what you might call Out of the Bone Thinking.


  1. "Indestructible, you say? We'll see about that..."

  2. Those bones look real, Lynn. Looks like your house was the setting for an episode of CSI....

  3. So cute. I have a dog here--not Fiona but Pinky who usually eats the indestructible stuff in about an hour. We need a competition! LOL

  4. This is so funny. You made me laugh! What a wonderful idea.

  5. Haha, nothing a good pair of teeth can't manage. The photos are soooo cute.