Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fluffy/Culture Frenzy, Round Two


Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Now Round Two.  Let's proceed with our question.

Demi Moore is 50 but looks much younger.  What is her secret?  Molly?
She eats her own poop?
Hostmaster:  incorrect. Cyndi?

She applies a poop masque twice daily?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.  Fluffy?
She sleeps hanging upside down like a bat?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.  Bryan?
She eats bat poop?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.  Cyndi?
She uses a bat poop masque?
Hostmaster:  no!  Stop with the poop.  The answer is NOT poop related.  OK?  Now, Fluffy?
She's a vegetarian?
Hostmaster:  close.  Bryan?
She's a vegan?
Hostmaster:  not quite.  Molly?
She eats the poop of vegans?
Hostmaster:  no!  aaargh!  Bryan?
She eats vegans?
Hostmaster:  sigh.  Wrong.  Cyndi?
She doesn't eat anything.  You know, like a Breatharian? 
Hostmaster:  incorrect.  oh boy.  Fluffy?
She has a picture of Kathy Griffin in her attic that ages for her?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.  Wait.  I like that answer better than the correct one.  You win this round!
End of Round Two
Fluffy/Molly   1
Bryan/Cyndi   1
I bet the real answer is she eats Kathy Griffin's poop.


  1. I like these pop culture frenzy funnies. I think you're onto something here.

    And I also like the way you floor the event, moving quickly away from the smart aleck remarks. The timing reminds me of a Beavis and Butthead cartoon.

    1. Thanks Ted. I sure am having fun with it! I've never seen Beavis and Butthead but I love Mike Judge's King of the Hill...

  2. Now I can see a horror movie entitled The Picture of Kathy Griffin.