Monday, November 26, 2012

Fluffy/Culture Frenzy, Round Three

It's time once again for Pop Culture Frenzy!  Round 3.  Now to our question.

Hostess has stopped making Twinkies.  Why?


Michael Moore ate their inventory?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.  Cyndi?

Twinkies are like, really bad for you.

Hostmaster:  uh huh.  Fluffy?

Union demands forced them to close?
Hostmaster:  close.  Molly? 
Union members ate all the Twinkies?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.  Fluffy?
Rather than declare bankruptcy again, Hostess decided to go out of business because they couldn't afford to stay in business if they gave in to the Bakers demands to a 17% increase employer contribution towards health care benefits.  I think they are in a holding pattern now though, the matter is in mediation or something.
Hostmaster:  correct.
Didn't Hostess get an obamacare waiver? 
Good question.
Hostmaster:  I ask the questions around here!  Um.  Did Hostess get an obamacare waiver?
If they did, it would appear that obamacare waivers have expiration dates.
Twinkies are really bad for you.  They are full of chemicals. 
You can tell by their long expiration date.
But isn't Hostess too big to fail?
You're thinking of Michael Moore.
Twinkies are really bad for you.  They are full of fat.
Is everybody thinking of Michael Moore?!
Hostmaster:  No more questions! 
This is the end of Round 3. 
Fluff/Molly    2
Bryan/Cyndi  1 
And Michael Moore wept, for there were no more Twinkies left to conquer.


  1. I thought they had to stop maki8ng them because human beings are idiots....

    1. Alas, if that were the reason many many many businesses would have to stop making stuff...

      I say, let us protect the God given freedom that allows people to be idiots.

  2. I thought they had to stop making them because they're disgusting!

  3. I got a kick out of the no more twinkies left to conquer line...

    They'll still keep making them on this side of the border. Rumor has it smuggling Twinkies into the States is about to become a big business.

  4. Very entertaining. I loved this and I still think Molly is the smartest. LOL