Monday, October 8, 2012

Breed Profile: French Bulldog

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a small, sturdy dog who enjoys lap time and being the center of attention.

The Frenchie is fun loving but not big on exercise.  His pushed in nose makes for uncomfortable breathing after exertion and in hot humid weather.  Furthermore, he is heavily boned, with short limbs, a big head, and a low center of gravity- not the makings of an athlete.  Most French Bulldogs cannot swim.

 Still, this dog is more than a lapdog, he has loads of gumption and personality to spare. 

Bulldogs were popular in 19th century England.  Some smaller Bulldogs (under 25 pounds, typical Bulldogs are twice that) had unusual ears.  The ears were erect, unlike the the usual rose ears found in a Bulldog.


In the mid 1800's a bunch of Lace workers went to France to work.  Naturally, they brought their Bulldogs with them, some of these dogs were of the small bat eared style.  French people noticed these cool dogs and soon the Bouledogue Francais (French Bulldog) was developed. 

Many ladies fancied the French Bulldog.  He  served as a flea magnet.  His job as a lapdog offered  fleas a warmer bodied option.  People are only about 98 degrees, dogs run around 101.  The warmer the better is the flea's motto.

Ladies of the Evening carried the French Bulldog around as a conversation starter.  After an arrangement was made, the easy going Frenchie would wait patiently while his mistress entertained her client.

Some French Bulldog Facts

- lifespan:  9-12 years

- weight:  22-28 pounds

- there is no height standard

- short single coat in assorted colors:  brindle, fawn, white, brindle and white, pied (black and white patch pattern)

- very short corkscrew type tail

Frenchie Manifesto

- I bark at the UPS guy because he is skulking around outside.  If you invite him inside, I will greet him like an honored guest

- I am not stubborn, I simply know my own mind

- if you work away from home all day, please take me with you,  I get a little nuts all by myself

A Frenchie loves to cuddle with his favorite person.  Many say that the male Frenchie's devotion leans toward clinginess, while the female Frenchie tends to be more dignified in her display of affection.
In general, the French Bulldog gets along well with other dogs and children provided they are properly introduced.
Most French Bulldogs are cheerful, mischievous and intelligent but not terribly motivated.  Don't expect your Frenchie to volunteer to do much in the way of herding or hunting.  He is an indoor dog, well suited for his job as delightful companion.
 See some nice photos.
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  1. I love bulldogs! The MC in my current WIP has two English bulldogs, named Bill (Clinton) and Boris (Yeltsin). Boris drinks like a fish and Bill will hump anything, even a table leg.

  2. He's adorable. Too bad their lifespan is so short.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    1. it isnt short n here it is but on other websites it is 10-14

    2. it isnt short n here it is but on other websites it is 10-14

    3. Uh huh. Keep looking, eventually you'll find an answer you like better.

  3. I've tended to lean more towards the English version, but the French bulldog is definitely a striking sort of dog!

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