Saturday, October 13, 2012

Patron Saint of Dogs

Saint Rocco (Roch, Roque) was born around 1300 in France, with a birthmark of a red cross on his chest. When he was twenty both his parents died, leaving him a large inheritance.  Rocco gave all of his inheritance to the poor and took a vow of poverty. 

Rocco devoted himself to caring for those suffering from disease.  Many miraculous healings are attributed to St. Rocco accomplished by his faith in prayer.

While nursing the sick during a plague, he became ill.  He went into the woods to die.  A dog brought him food.  The dog's owner, wondering where the dog was going every day carrying food, followed the dog and found Rocco.  The dog's owner took Rocco home.  Rocco recovered.

Saint Rocco is not only the Patron Saint of dogs but also of plague and contagious disease.  His feast day is August 16th.  In art, he is shown standing next to a dog and displaying a mark of disease on his leg.


  1. Something we certainly didn't know about! Thanks for posting.

  2. Being not Catholic, I would have never known this to begin with...