Saturday, August 25, 2012

Herbal Fresh Butts

It's happened before here at Pets and Other Critters:  the emergence of spontaneous themes.  There was the Cicada theme, the Greyhound theme and now, Poop theme.  Come to think of it, the Poop theme has emerged before.  Must be that some themes are just plain popular.  After all, poop is a constant presence, therefore always a timely topic.

Let's face it, after the business of pooping is concluded there remains unsavory residue on the outlet.  People usually make use of toilet paper.  Dogs, on the other hand, don't wipe.

Here's a handy tip for removing unwanted material and leaving the dog's butt clean and fragrant.  Utilize some of those herbs growing in your yard.  Grab a handful!  Fresh herbs are disposal doggy wipes approved by even the greenest of greenies!  And your dog's butt is not only clean; it's clean and piquant. 

Zippy Basil butts and vibrant Pineapple Sage butts, perky Oregano butts and sensational Thyme butts are but a swipe away!



  1. I usually mist Sir poops and Hair Balls butts with vinegar.

  2. Lynn, your post title's a real eye-catcher.

  3. I would think Rosemary is a good one too!

  4. All I have is a parrot, but he doesn't want me touching his butt and I'm perfectly fine with that.

  5. This is the sort of blog title that might wind up getting some very odd google search returns on, you know...