Thursday, January 26, 2012

It Happened in January

Fourteen years ago, I was hypnotized by a green eyed, probably Chihuahua, puppy.

It was a beautiful January day, sunny and cold.  The Handsome One and I were on a mission to select a puppy to join our family.  While a disgruntled, probably Irish Wolfhound mix named Carla waited in the truck, THO and I walked through rows of dogs.  I remember wanting to order all of the doggies to line up and follow us out. (Self control sometimes prevails).

THO was hoping to find a good natured goofy dog, perhaps a lab mix.  He choose Rose.  Truly, as a puppy, Rose looked like she might be a lab mix.  However, she grew up to be a terrier mix.  Nevertheless, she is goofy.

The plan was to return home with one puppy.  Somehow or other, we came home with two puppies.  

Lester's eyes did not stay green nor did he retain the ability to hypnotise.  I think.  Though there are times when I find myself getting very sleepy. 

Here we are in January 2012.  Lester is a senior dog.  He's still pretty spunky but sometimes the spunk is obscured by stiffness.  His thirst has increased and with it the need to urinate.  Indeed, he can no longer hold it all night.  Thus, in the wee hours (if you'll pardon the phrase) Lester and I trudge down the stairs.  Actually, I do the stair trudging, Lester gets carried.  Naturally, I then let Lester carry himself outside to empty his own bladder.  

I've always liked January. It's usually cold and crisp and if we're lucky, snowy.  The holiday hubbub is over and the normal routine is welcome.  Some people do the resolutions thing in January.  That's too guilt inducing for my taste. I prefer to reminisce in January.  Sometimes I reminisce about other Januaries.

One more thing

Carla gave us dirty looks for many weeks before accepting Rose and Lester's intrusive presence.   It is said that some individuals are more difficult to hypnotize.


  1. Poor little Lester needs you now more than ever. God bless you for being so sweet!

  2. Gosh Eve, you make it sound like "poor little Lester" is powerless! LOL

    This post is a bust. Apparently I failed to convey Lester's vast power.

  3. They all have power. And we're all vulnerable to it!