Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Society Finches

Up until recently, the Finches in my aviary have been Zebra Finches. 

Zebras are spunky plucky birds.  The males are easily distinguishable by their red cheeks and fancy designed wings.

The view has changed somewhat, thanks to the addition of three Society Finches.  Society Finches are not flashy.  They are white with tan or brown markings.  The male and female are difficult to tell apart.  (Some experts claim that the beaks are shaped, ever so slightly, differently between the sexes).  For most of us, the only way to be sure of the Society's sex is if she lays an egg.  Both sexes sing a soft sweet sound, rather like a muted cricket chirp.

Though generally bland in pattern, there is a variation in Society feathery that is quite kicky.  Some Society Finches have a tuft of feathers on their heads in a pattern resembling a bad toupee.

Why are they called Society Finches?  Because these birds tend to get along with everybody in the aviary.  Some bird species are aggressive or snooty, not so the Societies.  Although they have a clannish tendency to hang out together lined up on a perch, they aren't an exclusive clique.  There is no territory driven unpleasantness when Societies share a cage with other species.  Indeed, the Society will very kindly foster eggs abandoned by the more high strung types such as Gouldian Finches, who may wig out over some minor occurrence and neglect their parental duties.

Happily, the needs of the Society Finch mirror the needs of the Zebra.  They both eat the same seed mix, enjoy fresh greens, fruits and vegetables, eat grit, bathe in the community water bowl, sing and swing - they are overall delightful and beautiful little birds. It is an honor to have them in my home aviary.

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  1. I'm with Norma on this one and I especially love the drawing with the 'bad toupee!' LOL

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