Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mud Sling

                The ground is thawing.  The earth becomes mushy.  It rains.

Mush becomes muddy slush- mulush? slud?

This calls for a change of routine for my dogs.  Those with muddy paws must cue up to a bucket before entry into the house is permitted. You know those little slivers of bar soap that are too small for shower duty?  I've got a mesh bag full of 'em!  Swish that bag in a bucket of warm water and... instant foot bath!

After the muddy paw is immersed in water I use either my fingers or a washcloth to rub out all the offending mud.  Follow up with a big fluffy towel and we have paws fit for indoor use.

What mud busting methods have you tried, and which do you recommend? 


  1. Wonderful tip! I am an old towel collector myself and the dogs line up for a serious wipe down before entry. But this soap thing could save me a lot of sweeping...

  2. My little one used to get the whole warm bath if he got muddy(he was a lap dog) and needed the full treatment. In the laundry room sink with a mild flea shampoo and a towel dry. Then he would race around the house trying to dry himself off under the dusty furniture- or try to crawl under the throw rugs.

  3. Fortunately, Sensi has short hair and our yard doesn't get too muddy. This time of the year, though, the bottoms of his paws will get dirty (sometimes he steps in the garden, bad dog!) and I just hang a towel by the door, do a quick rub on each paw and he's carpet approved.

  4. Looking at that picture... you can just imagine how much fun the dog had.

  5. Hmmm for some reason only half the post can be seen. I tried reloading but still same.


  6. Hmmm read the post and you'll discover it's all there.