Friday, November 18, 2016

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 52

Welcome once again to Pop Culture Frenzy.  Thanksgiving is next week.  Now, I don't want to hear Cyndi talk about small pox blankets and how Native Americans got screwed.   Let's talk about the meal.

What is the ultimate side dish at Thanksgiving dinner?

A shapely little Irish Terrier.  Oh. And stuffing.

Hostmaster:  hm, a redhead.  I always figured you preferred blonds.

That was before I teamed up with a blond.

Hostmaster:  ha!  I feel your pain, pal.


What?  Wait.

She's not a real blond.

I am too!
**** you, *****.


See, she has always felt she was a blond
trapped under a mousey brown head.
Peroxide did the rest.

Hostmaster:  inside and out? 


That's bull****. 
 There are much safer lighteners. 
 And I'm not a bulimic, ****** it!

Hostmaster:  the holidays can be so stressful for some folk.  Oh well.  Back at it.
What's the ultimate Thanksgiving side dish?

I've only had hearts and gizzards. 
 Can you believe no one else wants them?

Hostmaster:  eating gizzards is something of which no bird can conceive.

You eat turkey, don't you?

Hostmaster:  of course.  Birds have no problem with cannibalism.  And eating the heart of an enemy is a given.  Eating the gizzard, however, is another matter.
Anyway. Ultimate side dish.

Marshmellow Sweet Potatoes

I'm confused.
  Aren't sweet potatoes sweet enough?

Personally, I think marshmellows
 are pointless.

Bryan, have you never been camping? 
Marshmellows are pointless EXCEPT to make Somemores.
One thing's for sure, marshmellows are very sweet
 and do not belong on vegetables.

Cranberries are sweet.

Cranberries are fruit.  You are on to something
though.  Cranberries are only sweet because
 sugar is added.  Hey!  I know! 
 Let's add marshmellows to cranberries!


Hostmaster:  please pass the glazed carrots.

 Thanksgiving dinner is just another
example of women being exploited.
They prepare all the food and after the
meal they do the dishes while the men
watch violent football.
Fewer guys are watching football thanks to
all that dissing the flag stuff.
Maybe they could watch those guys who kick and
punch each other instead!
You want violence?  Ever
see the damage canine teeth
 can do to a lib?
Whoa.  She's on your team....
Teachable moment.
If Bryan wasn't a mean dog,
he'd be an alt right wing zealot.
Hostmaster:  sure glad I didn't ask about saying Grace.
What I am, is alt indifferent.
Let's end this round.  I'm hungry
for a heart.  
Bless us O Lord and these
thy gifts which we are
about to receive from thy bounty
through Christ our Lord.
Round 52
Fluffy/Molly  21
Bryan/Cyndi   20


  1. Cyndi could use some therapy. Yoga. Big bag of weed.

  2. I love Molly ! Bryan's first comment was fabulous.
    And no marshmallows on sweet potatoes or canned sweet potatoes. I love them just roasted !
    But for my X SIL I did make a brown sugar and pecan topping over mashed sweet potatoes. Not bad almost a pie.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Hungry for a heart? Yikes!

    I have a hard time picking a favorite side. Actually, I'm not a big fan of turkey, but I'll pig out on the sides!