Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mourning Doves On the Rocks

Lots of cheeping baby bird voices have been heard this spring, here at the homestead.  For instance, a pair of Mourning Doves had a nest near this rock. 

Now the youngster is fledging.

Here's a bit of information on Mourning Doves.


  1. Such sweetie pies. I love all kinds of birds and cried when my hummingbirds died before I left the desert. I guess 120 degrees in the shade was too much for the babies. Love the photos and thanks for the link but always wondered what the difference is between them and doves beside the fact that most doves are white.

  2. Beautiful birds. I had a big crowd snooping around my hedges this morning. He acted as if he owned the yard and then walked across the street like a big shot.

  3. They are pretty birds- and their calls really are soothing.

  4. I have been happy listening and watching all the birds at the ponds.
    It is so wonderful

  5. We have several of these guys at our place for breakfast every morning. About 20 years ago, we found an injured dove and took her home to look after her until she could fly again. After we set her free, she showed up every morning for breakfast. Word must have gotten out, because the number has grown over the years....