Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Giant Hole

There is no filling the hole Mabel left when she left us.

Well, life goes on and all that.  Grieving is a time consuming process.  Why not fill it with something worthwhile.  Like training a puppy?  Or two?

So.  We've taken in a couple of baby giants that would probably cause Mabel to roll her eyes.

Lily is a Great Pyrenees.  Clover is an Irish Wolfhound.

Meanwhile, Lois is not the sort of gal who rolls her eyes.  Still, sweet Lois is ten and feeling the years.  Even so, no.  Lois didn't roll her eyes.  At first, Lois was not thrilled with the appearance of these two wild babies.  But Lois being sweet Lois, has warmed up to them. 

Perhaps she remembers when Mabel was a pup.

Things have a way of working out.


  1. hahahahahaha, I love Mabel as a pup she was so big.
    I see you like big dog with lots of hair !
    But they are so wonderful, just look at the sweet baboo faces.
    And you know how much I love the scruffy, terrier type face of the Irish Wolfhound.
    Please post more darling photos of the new members. Their names are fabulous !
    I still think every day of my sweet dogs who have left me with big holes in my heart. My heart has to grow to have more sweethearts to fill it up.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Mabel grew out of and off that pillow pretty quick! Hair? What hair?!

  2. My bird Sam has been gone over four years now--it will be five years in February--and though a part of me wants a new critter companion, I still can't quite bring myself to take that next step.

    Love seeing your photos.

  3. Hump fodder!

  4. I agree that things have a way of working out. Hope these two can heal your heart.