Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Five Minutes More

It was difficult to set the alarm clock.  My eyes were watering and it has been so long since I'd had to set it, I'd forgotten how.

You see, Mabel used to wake us promptly at 4:55 AM.  Thus, we had no need to set the alarm clock.

But Mabel had to leave us.

Now the alarm clock goes off at 5:00 AM.  I never dreamed that an extra five minutes of sleep in the morning could make me feel so sad.


  1. I know only too well how you feel, Lynn.

  2. Oh my, so sorry to hear. Mabel looks adorable!

  3. I'm so sorry you need an alarm clock! :(

  4. Oh this breaks my heart.
    I am so sorry and I feel so sad.
    Mable was a sweet gud dug !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. That's so sad. Why cant dogs live longer.