Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pop Culture Frenzy, Round 29

Here we are for another round of Pop Culture Frenzy.

Our question involves an upcoming display to take place December 21-23 at the Michigan State Capitol building.  What is this display?

A statue of a Spartan battling a Wolverine?
Hostmaster:  incorrect.  I like that idea!  A Buckeye could be standing nearby, ready to jump into the fray, like a tag team.
  Here's a thought.
Since a buckeye is a tree, there
could be a second statue of
the victor lifting his leg
 on the Buckeye.

Hostmaster:  Now that would be art!

Back at it.  What is this upcoming display in Lansing, Fluffy?

A nativity scene?
They can't do that!  It
goes against separation of
church and state!
Hostmaster:  no, the display won't be a Nativity scene.
Santa and his reindeer?
Hostmaster:  no.  Though surely someone would be offended somehow.
Santa is associated with Christmas.
Not everybody celebrates
Christmas so Santa might
make them feel bad.
Hostmaster:  of course.
You know what makes me feel bad?
All the dead birds on the ground
under windmills.
Hostmaster:  WHAT?!?
That's a lie!  It's propaganda.
It's true.  I can show you pictures.
Let's do it later though.  
Hostmaster is looking woozy. 
Hostmaster:  umm.  Bryan, take over.  I have to leave.
I didn't know parrots could vomit
in flight.
hmmm.  OK.
I'm reading the news article Hostmaster
used as his source.
Here's the answer:
The Satanic Temple of Detroit
has made a display.  You can see it at
the Michigan State Capital
 December 21-23.
 Satanic Temple kinda
sounds like a religious group. 
Wouldn't the separation of church
and state thing kick in here, Cyndi?
Well.  It's only fair.
After centuries of Christians
forcing their beliefs
on everybody.
There's a picture of the Satanic Temple
display. There's a
pentagram, cross, snake, giftwrapped box
and printed words reading:
"The Greatest Gift is Knowledge."
Reindeer are friendlier than snakes.

Since Hostmaster is indisposed, I'll sign us off.
Be sure and join us again for pop culture frenzy.
Merry Christmas. 
There's a link to that display if anybody wants to see it: 


  1. No matter what displays are done anywhere, they'll offend SOMEONE. Makes me want to avoid human contact entirely....

  2. When my son was in kindergarten 30 years ago I made a poster of a alligator dressed as St. Lucia candles and all. I had Merry Christmas on it. It was taken down because it might offend some one.
    Goodness even if you don't celebrate Christmas everyone knows what Christmas is.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. It's really sad that it's come to this. I believe it may get worse.